Shear Connector Stud Manufacturers

Through deck welding is also possible where the Headed Shear connector is welded through a formed galvanized sheet onto a steel beam. Concrete is then poured over the formed sheet and the shear connectors.

Shear connector Stud

Shear connector Stud, sometimes known as concrete anchors are used in steel-concrete composite structure. They act as reinforcing anchors, locking the supporting structure to the concrete floor. The shear force between steel beam and reinforced concrete deck slab is a natural consequence. The presence of a shear connection prevents the slip between the two components and achieves a much stiffer and stronger beam.

shear connector stud

We have brought a wide assortment of Shear Connectors Stud from M13 to M25 .

Shear connector Stud Uses

New and improved methods for building taller, stronger, and better buildings are tested and implemented every year. One construction technology that continues to prove effective in both cost and performance is the use of shear connectors as reinforcement for several building components. Northland Fastening Systems provides stud construction welding services, equipment, and tools for many types of construction projects, including shear connectors in varying sizes and forms.

Shear connector Stud Advantage

  • 1. Strong, durable, stable and seismic resistant.
  • 2. Size of columns are smaller hence for given built up area we can have larger carpet area.
  • 3. Flexibility in design of construction.
  • 4. Shear Connectors have high load bearing capacity and offer heavy resistance for failure by shearing, in composite structure.
  • 5. Ease of operation, during construction. No specific skill is required for welding.
  • 6. Shear Connectors can be welded through Deck Sheet, to produce concrete slab.
  • 7. Very high rate of production can be achieved, during construction.