Dacromet / Geomet process can be used for protection of various items like fasteners, springs, break disc etc. The process involves two coats / two bake to get the desired results. Coefficient of friction for fasteners can be modifical using additional coat of top coat. The application of top coat also improves protection against corrosion. Both Dacromet & Geomet Processes comprise of uniform deposition of overlapping Zinc, Aluminium Flakes on inorganic binder, Dacromet process contains hexavalent Chrome whereas. Geomet process is totally chrome free.

Black Oxide

Black Oxide Coating is a process which provides a conversion coating on iron which changes the surface of the material to a naturally occurring black iron oxide.

Black Phosphate Coating

Black Phosphate coatings are a crystalline conversion coating that is formed on a ferrous metal substrate.

Dacromet Coating

We are considered a renowned name in the business, which manufactures supplies and exports Nuts and Bolts dacromet Coated Bolts.

Cadmium Plating

Cadmium coatings are particularly useful in the electrical, electronic, aerospace, mining, offshore, automotive and defense industries where they are applied to bolts and other fasteners and other components.

Hot Dip Galvanizing

HDG coating is relatively maintainence-free and provides excellent corrosion protection to steel structures for 50-70 years in most atmospheric environments. HDG provides two types of corrosion protection: barr


Electroplating coating process starts with carefully cleaning the fastener surface in alkaline detergent type solutions. It is then treated with acid, in order to remove any rust or surface scales.